Upcoming Events:

ISSTD Meeting Lyon 2024
Mark your calendars, the French Reference Center for Trophoblastic Disease is honored to host the XXII World Congress on Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases at the Palais Hirsch in Lyon, France, from the 22nd to 25th October 2024. You can register using this link.

This will be an interactive meeting, including the state of the art lectures on Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, as well as case presentations and live discussion on management in different situations and difficult cases. We hope that this meeting will be an opportunity not only to gain knowledge, but also to make contacts for cooperation and friendship in the future.


Past meetings: Past teaching meetings:
2023: EOTTD Meeting Warsaw, Poland 
2021: EOTTD Meeting virtual Porto
2019: EOTTD meeting Berlin, Germany
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2018: EOTTD/RSM meeting London, UK
2017: ISSTD/EOTTD meeting, Amsterdam
2016: EOTTD meeting Cork, Ireland
2015: EOTTD meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014: EOTTD meeting Liege, Belgium
2012: EOTTD meeting Geneva, Swiss
2018: EOTTD teaching course Madrid, Spain
2018: EOTTD course Kiev, Ukraine 
2016: ENYGO course Copenhagen, Denmark
2015: EOTTD course Belgrade, Serbia