The recent developments concerning the Corona crisis have forced us to postpone the meeting of 2020. In stead of adding another meeting to the end of the year, we will find a new date in the spring of 2021. We hope you understand this decision and will join us next year in the beautiful city of Porto.

Upcoming meetings and courses: Upcoming regional teaching courses:
2021: EOTTD Meeting Porto, Portugal  

Past meetings: Past teaching meetings:
2019: EOTTD meeting Berlin, Germany
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2018: EOTTD/RSM meeting London, UK
2017: ISSTD/EOTTD meeting, Amsterdam
2016: EOTTD meeting Cork, Ireland
2015: EOTTD meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014: EOTTD meeting Liege, Belgium
2012: EOTTD meeting Geneva, Swiss
2018: EOTTD teaching course Madrid, Spain
2018: EOTTD course Kiev, Ukraine 
2016: ENYGO course Copenhagen, Denmark
2015: EOTTD course Belgrade, Serbia